Serve at San Jacinto Church

Serving others is one of the best ways a person can grow in their relationship with Christ.  Not only is service an opportunity to grow, but one’s service can actually reflect the love of Christ to others.  There are many ways for you to serve as a part of the San Jacinto Church Fellowship that include opportunities to serve our congregation, our city, or other places in the world.

Serving Opportunities

  • Nursery Volunteers
    • Help us provide child care for members & visitors of our church with kids ages 1-5
    • Required age 15 or older
  • Female Assistant Coordinator
    • Works with teens ages 13-19.
    • Teach, coordinate events, discipline, mentor and much more.
    • Time Commitment: Sunday Morning, 3 Hours Wednesday Night.
    • Skill Required: Biblical teaching, leadership, passion for youth empowerment.
    • Goal: To equip teens with the gospel so they may grow in maturity and be spiritually fruitful.
  • Multimedia & Creative Arts Team
    • Make Videos/Announcements media
    • Run sound or visuals during service
    • Be apart of church creative media projects such as short videos, testimonials, documentaries, podcasts, etc
    • Required: basic computer skills
  • Church Administrative Assistant
    • Work with our church secretary and help us organize our calendars, files, communications, etc
    • Also assist Assistant Pastor.
  • Greeters
    • Be one of the first smiling faces that visitors see when they walk in and help them to feel at home
  • Prayer Team
    • Pray for God’s will before church service begins.
    • Pray at our weekly prayer meeting for all prayer requests sent in.
    • During service Prayer Partners


If you would like to fill any of the positions above please contact:

Director of Ministries & Assistant Pastor

Mikey Terrell


Phone: 281-826-4539


Youth Director

Herman Montgomery