NYE Chili Cook-Off


Chili Cook-Off Rules

1.     Ingredients must be pre-cooked prior to the commencement of the official cook-off. Meat may be treated, pre-cut or ground, but must be cooked. Each contestant is solely responsible to make sure that no ingredient is undercooked and/or that there is no risk of food born illness. 

2.     The cooking period must occur within 24 hours of event. Chili must be brought and kept in crock pot or other warming container that will be placed for entry by 8:30 PM. Contestants should bring an extension cord with them in case that is needed. 

3.     Each contestant must cook a gallon (four quarts) of chili (one regular crock pot).

4.     Contestants are responsible to submit a contestant entry form. The contestant must prepare chili using their own selected recipe and ingredients. Contestants may bring things to garnish their chili. 

5.     Each contestant will be assigned a contestant’s number by the Chief Scorekeeper and given five (5) sampling cups to fill and submit to the judges. Each contestant verifies that the number on the bottom of their cup is the same as their assigned contestant number. Each contestant is responsible for delivering their sample cups, which must be filled to cup’s lower rim, to the judging area at the official time for judging.

6.  San Jacinto Church will provide:

  •       disposable bowls

  •       utensils

  •      tables for set up 

  •       napkins

  •       Power for crock pots, etc. 


Chili is blind judged on Aroma, Eye Appeal, Taste, and Overall Satisfaction.



1ST PRIZE - $75

2ND PRIZE - $50

3RD PRIZE - $25


Chili Cook-Off Entry Form

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